NuFloor™ Metabolic Floor Cleaner™

From $120.00 / month

  • $120 – single purchase, or a monthly recurring purchase
  • Product comes in a 4 gallon case
  • User friendly – non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-corrosive, neutral PH
  • Safe for all floor surfaces
  • Environmentally Progressive

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Product Description

The Most Advanced Floor Cleaner Ever Made

Cleans Down to the Molecular Level 
Cleans like a normal cleaner but has the unique ability to break grease down to the molecular level.
Eliminates Grease 24 Hours a Day 
Eliminates grease and grime not only during the application, but constantly in between cleanings.
Cleans Mops While You Clean Floors
Eliminates all the grease in your mop heads continuously even while you are mopping.
Mops Never Smell or Look Dingy
No matter how long you use your mop. Mops now last for two months, not two weeks. Major savings.

Application Rates:

  • Kitchen Floors 2 oz. per gal
  • All Other Floors 1 oz. per gal
  • Heavy Duty Cleaning Add 1 oz per gallon to above rates

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One-Time or Monthly Purchase

Recurring Monthly Purchase, Single Purchase