Product comes in a case that includes four 1 Gallon 5x concentrate bottles. Makes 20 gallons total.

The Most Advanced Cleaner in the Restaurant Industry embedded with All of the Technologies of MAC

Imagine an extremely high-end cleaner, that does the job of ten different cleaning products, that performs over a dozen different maintenance and control functions in your restaurant without you ‘doing anything’ to make that happen – that is what you have with PARADOX.

PARADOX is a very multi-purpose cleaner, that commonly replaces most of the current cleaners a new customer has been using.

PARADOX is the most advanced cleaner in the business, built around the technologies of MAC.

PARADOX not only cleans extraordinarily well, it also performs pest control, odor control, clears drains, maintains grease traps, and makes mops never go bad again.

Sounds too good to be true. We know.

But the cleaning chemistry we built around MAC is unreal.

PARADOX Benefits

Urine Odor Control
One thing a restaurant never wants to happen is for a customer to go to the restroom and smell urine. The normal approach is urinal odor blocks, fragrances and deodorizers. But we approached urine odor control in a whole new way that is impossible outside of the Particles in PARADOX.
Mops Now Last 6 Months, Never Smell or Look Dingy In the restaurant industry, the life of a mop head is short. Almost all restaurants throw away their mops once a week. This is wasteful and gets very costly. Even though the mops are rinsed nightly, they still are laden with grease and become dingy and unsightly. They begin to put off foul smells in just a matter of a few days.
Foul Odors
Grease Buildup, Foul Odors with Fruit Flies & Gnats For any restaurant that cooks, floor drains and grease traps are always in need maintenance and attention. The grease buildup in both causes slow, clogging drains, potential backed up systems, that are a haven for fruit flies and gnats, and will generate its fair share of foul odors.
Fruit Flies
The Most Difficult Pest Issue to Control in Restaurants Pest control companies that serve the restaurant industry cannot eliminate fruit flies and gnats. PARADOX does. Completely.
Bars & Breweries
Bars have large amounts of beer, sodas, juices and liqueurs. All of these are a huge attraction for fruit flies and gnats, as well the foul odors and stickiness that comes along with them. PARADOX completely eliminates all of these problems.
Floor Drains & Grease Traps
PARADOX with its Particle reduction process along with all of its other technologies, eliminates grease buildup in the drains and helps maintain a much cleaner grease trap; while completely eliminating all foul odors as well as fruit flies and gnats.



Extremely Multi-Purposed Cleaner

Will Replace Up to 90% of All Cleaners in the Restaurant PARADOX is used as a floor cleaner, a degreaser, an all-purpose cleaner and a restroom cleaner.

It is used to clean any type of kitchen equipment, aluminum and stainless steel.

It is safe to be used on any type of surface including wood floors and any specialty type floor surfaces.


Particle Chemistry, the Power of PARADOX

Shockingly Great Results, Unprecedented Abilities PARADOX is the most advanced cleaner ever made, embedded with all of the technologies of MAC.

If you have read about MAC, you know it is a technology services product that performs automated maintenance and control functions within a restaurant; such as pest control, odor control, clears drains, maintains grease traps, and makes mops never go bad again.

PARADOX is everything that MAC is and does everything that MAC does,
except it has the most advanced cleaning chemistry ever made built around it.


Restaurant Industry’s Only 5X Super Concentrate

Five Times More Concentrated than Any Other Cleaner

We made PARADOX to be on the highest end of all cleaners in the restaurant industry, but we made it five times more concentrated than the industry standard, so that it is unusually economical

And from an environmental aspect.
our carbon footprint on this product is 500% less than industry standard.

Ready to transform your kitchen?