The Most Advanced Cleaners
in the Restaurant Industry

AVDC offers a complete line of products that are the most advanced in the restaurant industry. Our products eliminate fruit flies, keep your mop heads clean after each use, cleans drains to the bare metal, offers a labor free approach to cleaning your grease filters and rids your restrooms of urine smell all day long. Call us so we can be your partner for a clean restaurant.

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Simply Spray

Simply spray your panels once a night while the panels are still in place.
Takes less than 1 minute to do your entire system.

Pull the panels down once a week.
Rinse the panels at the sink, and the grease falls off to the bare metal.


Particle Chemistry, the Power of PARADOX

Shockingly Great Results, Unprecedented Abilities

PARADOX is the most advanced cleaner ever made, embedded with all of the technologies of MAC.