Traditional Hood Cleaning

  • High pressure power washing
  • NFPA 96 compliant
  • Complete grease removal method

Vent Driven Hood Cleaning

  • The most simplistic and thorough approach to cleaning filters
  • Cleans the front and back of filters
  • Eliminates grease inside of the exhaust system
  • Cleans kitchen hood exhaust system - Everyday
  • No more soaking and scrubbing filters
  • Takes less than one minute to spray filters daily
  • Rinse filters once a week and grease falls right off
  • Extremely inexpensive
  • NFPA 96 compliant

Keep your Kitchen in Peak Condition

For over 40 years AVDC, Inc has provided services and products to eliminate grease in your restaurant kitchen. We truly are your partner for a clean kitchen. Our services include cleaning every part of your kitchen including the hood exhaust system, cooking equipment, floors, walls, walk in boxes and all stainless-steel tables and counters. We even clean up the outside areas as well including sidewalks and trash dumpster areas. Call AVDC today to see how we can partner with you to keep your restaurant kitchen clean and safe.

Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Your restaurant’s kitchen exhaust system keeps your guests and employees free from dangerous carbon monoxide and grease-laden vapors. Thant only happens if the system is properly cleaned and maintained. Partner with us and we can keep your kitchen hood cleaning system clean 365 days per year. Call us to schedule an appointment with our qualified staff so we can introduce you to a new technology for keeping your entire system clean and grease free.

Cooking Equipment Cleaning

If you can’t cook, you can’t operate. This isn’t an inconvenience in the restaurant business, it’s an emergency. AVDC, Inc. completely cleans all of your cooking equipment and brings it back to like-new condition, allowing your food to cook the way it should and taste like you want it to. Use AVDC to prevent repairs with a regular cleaning service. Call us today and we will get your cooking equipment humming.

Roof Protection Devices

Did you know that grease and oil from the cooking process can leak from your kitchen fans and eat away your roof? AVDC, Inc. offers protection devices that absorb these corrosive and acidic elements, preventing it from ever reaching your roof. This is another way we partner with you for a clean kitchen and peace of mind. Call today and AVDC will get your roof covered.

Fan Hinge Kits

Fan Hinge Kits are now required by the Fire Marshall and NFPA. Let AVDC, Inc install these fan hinge kits that allow for better access to the entire fan unit, as well as support and protect your system during it’s periodic cleanings. Talk to us today about scheduling these smart installations in conjunction with your next cleaning.

Service Area:

Commercial: We clean all commercial HVAC systems throughout all of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

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Restaurant Services

  • Kitchen Hood Cleaning
  • Cooking Equipment Cleaning
  • Roof Protection Devices
  • Fan Hinge Kits